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Three Literacy Programs in Perbaungan

Three Literacy Programs in Perbaungan
Students at SMPN 3 Perabungan conducting Pokalis (essay writing) which takes place every Thursday.

SERDANG BEDAGAI, NORTH SUMATERA – Gema Nusantara, Pokalis, and Mendering are common occurrences for teachers and students of SMPN 3 Perbaungan. Togar Hasibuan SPd, the school principal, explains that Gema Nusantara is an abbreviation of the Indonesian for a program to read while relaxed and silent which is conducted every Tuesday, in addition to the normal daily reading activities.

All teachers and students read together for 15 minutes. After that, another 15 minutes are spent making presentations of the contents of the books. Students and teachers are free to volunteer to give the presentations. The most interesting presentation gets a prize.

Pokalis is an essay writing program, which is conducted every Thursday. The goal is to accustom teachers and students to writing about their own ideas based on a topic. Once the topic is announced, the teachers and students are given the opportunity to write anything related to the topic for 15 minutes. When the time is up, representatives of the students are asked to read out their writing. They also have to answer any questions people ask. The most interesting presentation gets a prize.

Mendering is an abbreviation of Mendengar Terbimbing which means guided listening, where students are asked to listen. Every Friday, a teacher will deliver a speech for 15 minutes. Then the students are asked to respond in their own words.

This school has a library with 10,367 books. Besides this, the school works in collaboration with the local library to use its mobile library facility. The school also publishes a newsletter entitled Sneper containing students' work related to literacy. (Eh)



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